How to Get Ministry of Interiors Approval in Cyprus

How to Get the Ministry of Interiors Approval in Cyprus for Foreign Individuals & Companies

In order to obtain an Immigration Permit in Cyprus, a person or company must apply under one of the categories listed in Regulation 5 of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations. You will not be approved unless the Minister of Interior receives a recommendation from the Immigration Control Committee.

To do that, you must fit into one of the following categories:

A: Self-Employment in Agriculture or Animal Breeding

As long as a person possesses adequate land or is able to acquire it, and uses it to engage in fish culture, bird breeding, cattle breeding, or agriculture without negatively affecting the Republic’s general economy, they are able to be recommended for an immigration permit. They must also have at least 430,000 Euros at their disposal.

B: Self-Employment in Mining

Provided a person has a permit for mining enterprises, has at least 350,000 Euros in spending capital, and won’t disrupt the Republic’s general economy, the Minister of Interior will take a look at their application.

C: Self-Employment in a Profession or Trade

If a person has a permit related to their trade, earns at least 260,000 Euros in free capital, and doesn’t negatively affect the general economy of the Republic, they can be considered for an immigration permit.

D: Self-Employment in a Science or Profession

Someone trying to gain a permit under science or profession employment must have disposable capital and professional or academic qualifications for an in-demand job in Cyprus.

E: Permanent Employment

As long as your position won’t create undue local competition in the Republic, you can gain a permit if you have been offered permanent employment.

F: Adequate Funds

A person who makes enough money each year to be considered a decent living without engaging in a profession, trade, or business is welcome to a permit in Cyprus as well. The set amount is 9568,17 Euros for a single applicant and 4613,22 Euros for each dependent, but the Immigration Control Board is welcome to demand more. Most applicants who come to Cyprus under this category are retired people or pensioners.

To apply for an Immigration Permit, you must submit your paperwork through the District Aliens and Immigration Branch of the police or the Civil Registry and Migration Department. You’ll be required to turn in documents relating to your income and any other mandatory information. Your application will then be looked at by the Immigration Control Committee before hopefully moving on to the Minister of the Interior for a decision.

If you are approved but fail to obtain a residence in Cyprus within a year of your approval, your permit will be automatically canceled under the belief that you are residing outside of Cyprus. It will also be canceled if you live outside of Cyprus for a period of two years.

You can keep up with changes in Cyprus immigration law by going to the Ministry of Interior website.

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