8 Tips for Finding the Best Real Estate Agent

Selling or buying a home in Cyprus can bring much anxiety, exhaustion, frustration, and stress, and if you’ve had previous bad experiences, the discomfort only rises.  Most bad experiences come from working with a terrible real estate agent, so how can you be sure to choose one that meets and exceeds your needs?

By following these eight tips, you can avoid bad agents and make buying or selling your home a pleasant experience.

1) Just Because an Agent Is Right for Someone Else Doesn’t Make Them Right for You

As most adults know, ‘one size fits all’ isn’t always true. It doesn’t hold true for clothing, and it certainly doesn’t hold true for real estate agents.  You’ll need an agent that understands what type of houses you’re looking for and specifically deals with homes in your price range. By hiring a real estate agent who is practiced with your specific needs, the process will run more efficiently for everyone.

2) Research Agents in the Field

Make a mental image: a customer walks into an open house and sees the agent sitting in a corner with their eyes on their smartphone. The agent glances up at their entrance to say a quick hello. Most people wouldn’t be okay with this type of interaction for potential buyers. In order to avoid this scenario, it’s important to attend open houses to research agents. You’ll get a feel for their style and how they present the home and themselves, so you can better decide if they’ll be a good fit.

3) Ask for Referrals

Your friends and family may be a great resource for finding a suitable real estate agent. Tell them what you’re looking for and see if they know someone. If that fails, try reading customer testimonials online. Just google the agent’s name to see the sites they’re mentioned on.

4) Websites Speak Volumes

Always check out an real estate agent’s website to get an idea of how they market themselves. If the site is hard to navigate, disorganized, or lacks content, it could be a red flag.

5) Ask the proper questions

When selling or buying a home in cyprus, you don’t want an amateur agent. You need a professional who can handle the job. Asking the right questions can make sure that you’re in good hands.

How many homes have they sold in the past year?

How long have they been an agent?

What types of service do they offer? How much commission do they make off a sale?

6) Avoid Dual Real estate Agencies

Some real estate agencies double-dip by representing both the seller and the buyer. This can make the process messy.

7) Consider an Agent from the Cyprus Real Estate Agents Association (CREAA)

Agents who are members of the CREAA enforce a strict code of ethics. This includes promoting and protecting the interests of clients without concealing or misrepresenting facts, so you can be sure everything they say is on the straight and narrow.

8) Pay Attention to Similar Sales

Look at other sales on your block or in similar neighborhoods. How fast did the real estate agent make the sale? It’s better to hire an agent who sells quickly than one with dozens of houses for sale.
Once you’ve chosen your agent, communication is key. Both sides need to listen to each other’s ideas to address needs and concerns. As long as both sides listen attentively, your working relationship should be a good one.