6 Tips for Creating Real Estate Listings That Sell

6 Tips for Creating Real Estate Listings That Sell

A lot of real estate agents put too much effort into showing a home and not enough effort into the listing. They’ll upload high-quality pictures to the MLS or their featured listings with very little text. While photos are important, a detailed, well-written listing description gives a good first impression and encourages buyers to schedule a showing.

Here are six tips for writing detailed descriptions that will get your property noticed.

1. Be Creative

So many listings simply tell potential buyers about the “great amenities” or “excellent view.” Generic listings don’t draw eyes. Instead, take your readers on a mental tour of the home.

Let them visualize the outdoor dining area with a backyard barbecue. Describe the breakfast nook with a calm view of the lake. Paint a picture with your words instead of just listing how many square feet the property contains.

2. Don’t Be Repetitive

Too many listings use repetitive information in their descriptions, which is a huge mistake. If you already going to list the number of bathrooms and bedrooms. Why reiterate it in the description?

Instead, mention things like the history of the neighborhood, recent renovations, and proximity to parks and entertainment.

3. Highlight the Home’s Best Features

Most homebuyers are willing to pay more for houses with improvements to functional features such as HVAC systems, entryways, and roofing. Also mention useful features such as walk-in closets, landscaped gardens, or newly-built pools. Consider what the buyer might find most attractive about the home and make sure it’s in your listing.

4. List Practical Amenities

Every homeowner has a list of must-have amenities and won’t buy a house that doesn’t have them. Be sure to list any of the following:

  • Laundry room
  • Solar panel system
  • Detached storage shed
  • Multiple car garage
  • Security system
  • Energy-efficient windows
  • Built-in kitchen appliances
  • Newly installed exhaust system

5. Be Specific

It’s been shown that certain words in home listings can turn people off from a sale.

For example, words like “clean,” “vacant,” or “must sell” can subconsciously imply that there’s something wrong with the home. Instead, try using words like:

  • Gourmet
  • State-of-the-art
  • Granite
  • Energy efficient

You want buyers to picture the home when you describe it, so use brand names to describe fixtures and appliances rather than words such as “wonderful” or “top quality.”

6. Create Clickable Headlines

After the initial picture of the house you’re selling, the first thing potential buyers will look at it the headline. You need to get people to read the listing by drawing them in with a creative headline. This means saying something that makes it difficult to resist. Try using descriptions specific to your location. For example, for a property in a city with limited parking, you could write “Gorgeous 5-bedroom home with Private Parking in Downtown Nicosia.”

For agents just starting out, the secret to success is hard work, not a magic formula, but by creating an interesting listing, you can draw more eyes. As you make sales and forge relationships moving forward, your real estate listings will be seen more easily.