5 Home Design Trends for 2020

Every year brings new interior design fads and trends to consider when updating your home. For example, 2018 brought us exposed lighting, subway tiles, and requests for rose gold. 2020 ushered in new trends for timeless, stylish pieces that give a fresh take on classic style. Read on to discover interior design trends recommended by professional designers

By following our 5 tips, you’ll be ready to start your new life sooner than expected.

Create A Modern and Casual Aesthetic

These days, you want to stay away from a look that matches too closely. Instead, go for an eclectic feel with an overall clean interior for a big impact. You want your interior to remain streamlined and uncluttered, but comfortable and livable.

Use Natural Materials

Found objects and raw materials are becoming more popular in interior design. This year’s designs stay away from hard, geometric designs and focus more on soft, organic shapes in art, furniture, and accents.

Consider Light Wood Tones

Light wood tones bring your home a bright and open feel. Light wood grains are perfect for a casual and comfortable look, or you can dress them up for a more classic, upscale feel. You can incorporate these elements through furniture, flooring, trim-work, and cabinetry.

Choose Artisan Fixtures

More and more homeowners are choosing to buy light fixtures from small businesses and local artists in order to create unique environments. These artisanal fixtures personalize your home with a hand-crafted feel that shifts your guests’ focal point to create an inviting, comforting feel.

Pick a New Color

The top colors this season are meant to boost your mood and give a twist on old classics:


Don’t be afraid of dark colors. Use onyx elements to add contrast and elegance to any room of your home. The color is beautiful and timeless and is sure to make a big splash this year.


While blue has been a popular accent color for a number of years, this year we see it transitioning into a neutral design color. Shades of blue can be complex but are easy to match with other colors, making it a versatile way to update your walls.


Green is another complex color, but one with a warm, grounding feel. It will add a serene and versatile look to your home.

Warm Whites

Who says white has to be boring? By choosing a warm, neutral shade, you can add a crisp and bright look to the room that’s multidimensional.


Rather than the typical grey of the last few years, try sprucing up your home with taupe. The brown-based tones add warmth to any room.

Updating the interior of your home can be stressful. How do you choose colors and accents that add to your home’s beauty and value? These 5 tips are a great way to get you started.